Team Catskill USA The cycle of life begins here in our MS breeding center under the supervision of Charles Lee who is Caretaker to the "The Ghost Shadow" Family of Grizzle Bred Pigeons. They are born and nurtured by their high performance parents for the sole purpose of competing in selected one loft tournaments throughout America . Those that refuse to "Yield The Front" will return to Valhalla and join those ranks of siblings that have gone before.

The Legacy

Their Legacy has been earned in the arena of major one loft competition where no quarter is given and only the strong survive. They have been victorious in the low flat lands of Florida to the high desert ranges of Nevada. Ghost Shadows have also left their mark on Head Wind Courses, Side Winds, Scattered Rain, Sand Storms, Earth Quake Tremors, and first to clock the following morning when there are no posted day birds. They have won on race days where speeds ranged from 800 YPM to a high of 1600 YPM verses Pedigreed entrants from America and all over the World. One Loft managers have mentioned their tenacity within the Loft and "Bring it on" attitude displayed on Race day. Our pigeons will Line up and go for the front with "Respect All and Fear None" their Battle Cry" and that is their True Legacy.

“Home of the Ghost shadows”

Home to "THE GHOST SHADOWS" is Pass Christian , MS where they are cared for by Charles Lee , our Loft Operations partner who has maintained contact with pigeons for over forty + years. Charlie has become the main contact for the Ghost Shadow family since the 2010 passing of Roy Necaise to cancer and the subsequent relocation of all key pairs to his property . Charlie maintains several lofts on the property as well as individual breeding cages to preserve genes and continue the "Pure Line Breeding Program" He is responsible for the implementation of the Breeding Pairs as assigned , banding and the cataloguing of future champions . Charles will grade for one loft contestants and assign those for the annual Holiday sale. The offspring of new pairs are assigned to his young bird team in order to gauge race basket performance before earning a perch at VALHALLA. . . . . . . Home of the Ghost Shadows